Rasta Barbie Joins #OccupyWS

Rasta | Front  copy

Three times sold, given, recycled
Too good to throw away
Plastic tucked into plastic
Hung on my doorknob with relief.
Reminders of uselessness and waste
Hint of moribund cultures and lives.

Greed wounds hemorrhage;
Texas Tea and Yellowcake
poison all things wet.
Money slicksters prestidigitate.
Horrid bonfires eat desperate young.
Spaniards pack plazas.
Russians brave Putin.

We are dying.
We have no future.

Goldfish flames flicker
Love scales in my throat:
My granddaughter
Dandelion fluff
Atop our Bronze Apis.
Will her gentle sweep
Fan our resolve?
Eager to believe
I sigh and consign
Her to fleeting bravery.

No children slept under my heart
Yet, my grandchildren,
These glorious beings
Fierce and peaceful,
Brilliant beyond my hope,
Stream steadfast and clear
Into our world.
September 17, 2011
Beautifully timed to heal ten years of grieving,
Ten millennia of slavery.
Ten geologic ages of suffering.

My sole holy purpose—Vociferate:
Stop hurting unarmed people.
#Occupy is sovereign.
They don’t need my opinions.
Let them grow into themselves
their future, their integrity.

I await their return as I anticipate lilacs.
© 2014


3 thoughts on “Rasta Barbie Joins #OccupyWS

  1. You have outdone yourself here, Jeanne. So true – “plastic tucked into plastic” – that could apply to a lot of things in our world. Even given our dire situation with the natural world, you allow hope in your poem: “I anticipate lilacs”. This poem also seems to present a view from the perspective of age – “let them grow into themselves” and the knowledge of history.


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