We Reclaim Her

Erzulie Dantor
Umbilicated as we are, with the soft
salt-water haven tucked between our thighs,
She Who Delightfully Transmogrifies,
endlessly becomes That Which Is Visible,
ever remains That Which Is Unseen
marked us as belonging and intact.

We proclaim our sovereignty and freedom.
We speak steadfastly against the mad din,
unbowed by wicked cacophonous tyranny.
We rebuke the irrational rationalism and
scorn those invoking horror and hatred.
Our years of tears merge with
She Who Wept Seven Oceans
and Still Shields us all,
scouring and cleansing, rearranging,
gathering strength and focus.

Get out of our way you who grovel in wealth
and fear contamination from all real love.
Beneath your awareness we unshackle Her Beauty
as we release ourselves from your fetters,
your starved and poisonous greed.
We reclaim our Goddesses, Whole and Free,
liberating ourselves and our children.

We fall open again into Her Lusciousness,
into Her Multitudinous Green Aliveness,
gasping awestruck as we gambol
in the utter Splendiferous Creativity
cradled in a single drop of dew,
the cascade trilling of the tiny canyon wren,
the marvelous meanderings in cottonwood bark.

She frees us from your priggish attitudes
and disdainful mockery of ecstasy.
We rollick with our Lascivious Baubo
Whose Vigorous Guffaws reveal
Her Red and Black Underpants,
an affront to the neighbors which
mightily amuses Her Kids who know
She never wears such things.
She Who Salaciously Slobbers and
Dips-Skips-Rolls in Shit,
Ms. Eager Britches Coyote, scoffs at your
ridiculous rules and prudish perversions,
luring us into blushingly lewd escapades.
We shake with raunchy hilarity listening to
every scandalous secret carried on world-circling
breezes to the Hairy Elephantine Ears of
She Whose Squishy Birth-Striped Belly and
Child-Sucked Pendulous Breasts dangle
Nipples within Aureolas of Areola.

The stolid fierceness within
the gentleness of Erzulie Dantor,
She Who Devours all Blood-Curses
mothers ever spew on daughters,
Fiercely Protects single women with babies,
Engenders Wholeness and Healing Succor
for all females, particularly the shunned young,
surges into our hearts as we bear witness
to the rapacious evil devouring the Vibrant.
We repudiate your right to rule us;
We do not acknowledge your fallacious
regulations regarding any part of our own
perfect, unglamorous bodies.
Our Prepotent Goddesses strengthen us.

Do not adorn your wristwatch with Her.
Stop using Her Astonishing Loveliness
to animate belittling and degrading cartoons.
Unhand Her Magnificent Mammaries and
desist from your hideous, devastating,
puerile advertising featuring
every lusciously bounteous curve
and nourishing crevice of Her Body.
Stop your repugnant practice of mocking Her
by naming mutilating products after Her.
Quit bull-dozing, uprooting, and paving
each last pristine square inch
so you can live with Nature,
amidst Her Precious Quiet,
Her Last Surviving Wild Animals,
Her Ancient Majestic Trees
and, for simple justice, quit naming
your monstrous mansions after
the very Marvels you just ripped out.
Every day we teach more children
in every realm, country, and collective
to cherish being alive,
to know their rights, and to be
heedful of their responsibilities.
Their growing connectedness
and healthy love of self
compels them to replenish
this Beauteous Globe;
to once again hold
Her Sanctity as priority;
to rebuild the numberless homelands
of weeds, bees, butterflies, foxes, rabbits,
birds, and creations by the thousands
in which they live, thrive, and play;
to eagerly join with each other
to stop the abuse of all beings.

As we reincorporate the Holy Female,
celebrating diversity and offering balance,
their hearty laughter and rich compassion,
facile, curious, inventive brains,
inclusive values and ethics,
art, poetry and music
nurture all creatures sharing
our Gloriously Generous Planet.
Their delight and tenderness swell
our souls with joy and grace.

© Jeanne Treadway, 2014