Fleeting Grace Notes

Fleeting Grace Notes
Drifting along a sun mote climbing this
flamingo pink ribbon of a mid-winter sunset,
I float into contemplating notions of time,
musing and meandering through comparisons.
A tiny nub on the crisp green eyelash edge
of a raggedy night-blooming cereus leaf
swells twenty-six times twenty-four to become
a heart-bursting blossom for eight hours, usually
between when you fall asleep and awaken.
Some sweet babies mermaid miniature
mama oceans for twenty-two months.
In only thirty galloping minutes
minuscule bacteria mature and divide.
Soaring sequoias first produce
fertile cones at age sixty,
while stalwart and gnarled
bristlecone pines endure five millennia.
My existence on this precious planet
falls somewhere along this continuum.
What a stupendous gift:
to live, to feel, to love, to witness!
As my brief sojourn on this Ecstatic Earth
nears completion, may I keep my heart
open in surrender to each
brilliant flash of Your beauty,
every instant of luscious laughter, and
all priceless moments of serenity.
May I gently unfold into Your seasons,
relishing the fleeting grace notes of
cottonwoods ripening into breathtaking gold,
exquisite emerald hummingbirds chittering,
delicious food grown by my neighbors, and
ravens strolling through wondrously silent snow.
In the name of all living beings without exception,
I sing hosannas to all and whatever You May Be.
© Jeanne Treadway, 2015