My grief sobbing shall no longer drown one bird song
one child’s giggle
one exuberant hosanna
one scrubbing prairie wind howl
or one whistle of contentment.
I shall quiet myself and listen.

I shall allow my sense of entitlement to wither
starve my neediness and longing
divorce my despair
prise addictions from my body
and untangle myself from my eloquent dramas.
I shall stand in truth, protected by kindness.

I shall not drug myself stupid
comfort myself with protective fat
seek a thousand healing metaphors
stuff my shelves with poignant totems
cocoon my heart with ancient wounding.
I shall not flinch from today.

I shall peer into the future with expectation
affirm beauty’s continuing reign
acknowledge love’s reality
drink the abundant green nectar
and soak up autumn’s heart-quickening flash.
I shall continue planting and nourishing.

I shall delight in cheeky fur-covered demands
encourage uncontrollable nose-noise laughter
shiver with sudden shyness as love sparks
rhumba amidst rain-cleansed sage and chamisa
and taste the bounty, the endless bounty of this Earth.

I shall tango intoxicated with life.
I shall splash into this sensual and splendid world
swimming in the glory.
I shall become lush; I shall thrive.