Maggie Mae

Jeanne | Lola | Hank Brusselback

Here I am,
Proud, sexy, single
Strutting my lovely breasts,
Shaking my tasty booty,
Watching eyes turn,
Winking as I stretch my lithe neck.
My curves are soft, inviting caresses.
My long hair teases nostrils with aromatic smoke.
My skin is so sweet, a day-past-ripe peach is envious.
My eyes flash and laugh easily these days.
My lips are wet and ruby, sweet cherry red.

But I am fifty now,
Past my prime,
No longer the Sacred Whore,
I serve as Crone now.
My bones are weary.
My spirit is wearier, sometimes
Stronger, surer, other times.
I sleep more now and
Dream different dreams.
I know how to love now.
I know what I need now.
Thank the Goddess,
I am unloved and unneeded now.

No child of mine roams this world.
No husband warms my bed.
Hot glances come only from
Those who are troth-bound.
Remembering another time
Their lust flames high again.
My knowledge is of flesh, of loving,
Of living and of dying.
I know the seasons, and
I know all men.
Now I take only those I love
And only when I wish.

Jeanne | Lola 3 | Hank Brusselback

(“but I was so much older then. I’m younger than that now. Mr. Bob)

10 thoughts on “Maggie Mae

  1. I love it Ms. RavenJet! It shows strength in you and many women out there. I too are in my 50’s though I am married but if I was to be alone I will be okay! I have more strength in life that I ever thought I would


    • Ah, thanks, Ms. Marti! Yes! The strength and resiliency are treasures that I find ever more worth having as I age. I love being 65. I love getting old. It is better than I ever imagined possible. Thanks for reading and commenting.


  2. Past your prime at 50 ! How defeatist …and wrong is that. You are cradling the maturity of your woman-hood at this age. Some of my BEST years were in my 50’s…and even older now…my best years continue. You are just beginning on a new and wonderful phase in life !


    • Oh, so sorry, my words didn’t convey the utter delight I live in that I am past that socially defined prime and that my freedom commenced when I passed the deadline. I am in no way defeatist.


      • Oh…I didn’t mean you were defeatist. I meant the sentiment…the thought of being past one’s prime at 50 !! But so happy to hear you love getting old…sounds more like the person I thought you were. You know I admire your writing…it was not the work that jigged with me…just the thought their might be regret…but I read it wrongly…so I stand corrected . Keep writing !!


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