Edacious, Uproarious, Rascally,
Irreverent, Ribald, Red-Hot Mama,
Hilarious, Gleeful & Ungodly Baubo,
Hear these grateful hosannas now
in this my time of outrageous style.
When You call me to our long repast
I shall respond full tilt boogie, with relief.
Until then, fatten me with frequent feasts
among felicious friends, fritillaries, and felions.
Extend my time in Your Pulchritudinous Presence.
Send me song: serenades of hoots and peeps,
cheeps and trills, warbles and waverings.
Knock these knees and tickle these bones
so we jig past propriety into happiness.
Fire this longing into lusty, laughing living.
Swirl me in eddies of Your sweet sweaty
sultry scents sent to the old Snake brain.
Tease tempt tumble toss this simple husk.
Thirteen times I boistrously thank You.

White Lilac

Apple Blossom


4 thoughts on “Baubo

  1. It is incredible how spring just bursts out. What is even more exhilarating is how you capture it in your poem, Jeanne, with just the right words to describe it and your reaction to it. Thanks for posting this as a reminder of what we should appreciate and celebrate.


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